Setup and Administration

Customize The Project Setup Page

User will now be able to customize the project setup page by adding new custom fields as per their requirements. The user can create a set of fields known as “fieldsets” to display whatever field they like on the project setup page. This feature is available in Leankor version 1.242 or higher version. Creating a [...]

How to add a Sticker in Leankor Environment

Leankor has a feature to bring peoples attention to urgent items on the Kanban Cards by adding stickers on the card. If you are adding stickers to a specific Leankor Project Board, click on the Red Plus in the bottom left corner of the board.  Drag and drop the sticker icon anywhere on the board. [...]

Setup Plan Gantt Export to PDF

This article covers the following topics: Setting up Export to PDF functionality for the Plan Gantt Assumptions: Must have sufficient permissions to edit Custom Settings within the Org Setup Process: Login to Org where you wish to configure the service and click “Setup” In quick search, type in and click on “Custom Settings” Browse to [...]

Leankor Custom Settings

This article covers the following topics: Editing Leankor Custom Settings Explanation of all Leankor Custom Settings Leankor includes a number of custom settings that change the functionality of the Leankor instance on a global scale. To edit the custom settings, go to setup within Salesforce/Leankor by clicking on the gear at the top right of [...]

Find your Namespace Version

This article covers how to find your Leankor Namespace Version Login to Salesforce/Leankor and go to Setup. Search for "Installed Packages". Find "Leankor" under the Package Name Column. Look under the "Namespace Prefix" Column to see what Namespace Version is installed.